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Hi, I'm Meryl.

I've lived in big cities for the majority of my adult life. In each new place, I've known people from high school, college, graduate programs, and past jobs—but I still find myself frustrated by how difficult it can be to make new friends, real friends, as an adult.

And I know I'm not alone.

Pasta Social Club is an outgrowth of my own desire to build friendships beyond shared backgrounds, political affiliations, religious beliefs, professional workplaces, and prior education. After graduating from the Institute of Culinary Education and spending some time in the kitchens of Lilia and Misi in Brooklyn, New York, I built this platform to share the recipes I develop as a pasta maker, as well as details for upcoming events where I hope to enjoy these and many more dishes together.

I'm currently based in Washington, DC, where I host events and develop pasta-focused recipes. If you have any questions, feedback, tips, your own pasta recipes you'd like to share, or just want to say hi,

I'd love to hear from you (really and truly!) at or via the contact form.


And if you want to know a little more about me,

check out some of the articles below.

Photo ©️ Nico Schinco

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