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Pasta Social Club Whole-Grain Pasta Workshop!

Pasta Social Club Whole-Grain Pasta Workshop!


Thursday, April 20 at 6:00pm Eastern | La Cosecha, Washington, DC


Join me for a fun and delicious evening of making new friends and some of my favorite pasta shapes, including cavatelli, orecchiette, and ravioli! We'll enjoy a spring-forward menu and use whole grains from local farms in our pasta to celebrate the re-launch of the Common Grain Alliance's Grain Stand at FRESHFARM’s Dupont Circle Market this spring. Other snacks, dessert, wine, and more are included.


All dishes will be vegetarian-friendly; please contact if you have any food allergies.


This workshop is hosted in partnership with FRESHFARM, a D.C.-based nonprofit that works to create a more resilient, equitable, and sustainable food future in the Mid-Atlantic, and the Common Grain Alliance, an organization that connects and supports farmers, millers, bakers, and grain artisans to build an integrated, equitable, and regenerative grain economy in the Mid-Atlantic. We’ll be sourcing ingredients at FRESHFARM's flagship Dupont Circle Market from a range of local farmers and makers, and using whole-grain flour from a CGA member.

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