Raschiatelli Primavera

For the dough…

To flavor this typical semola/water dough with saffron, steep a generous pinch of saffron in hot water for 10-15 minutes until the liquid is golden and fragrant. The amount of water is dependent on how much dough you’re making—I used my rough 100 grams flour : ¼ cup water ratio (so for a 300-gram batch, this would be ¾ cup water, plus a little extra just in case!). Knead vigorously for ~10 min, wrap tightly, and rest for ~30 minutes.

Time to shape…

  1. Roll out a portion of dough into a rope ~1 centimeter in diameter.

  2. Cut the rope into 1-inch pieces.

  3. Using your three middle fingers, drag the top of each piece of dough forward, allowing it to curl in on itself. Use a good amount of pressure to create the ridges.

  4. Repeat!

Prep the vegetables…

Use any vegetables you have on hand! In my case, this was 1 small aubergine, sliced into thin half moons; a handful of heirloom cherry tomatoes, halved; a few stalks of broccolini, cut into 1-inch pieces; 5-6 mini peppers, thinly sliced; a couple garlic scapes, cut into ¼-inch rounds.

For the aubergine…

You can salt your aubergine in advance to drain excess liquid and then pan-fry it, but I was short on time and instead heated my pan with a generous amount of olive oil over medium-high heat, seasoned both sides of the slices with salt and pepper, and fried for about 5 minutes on each side, until golden and crisp. Add more oil as needed; when done, remove from pan to towel-lined plate and drain excess oil.

For the sauce…

In the same pan, add a small amount of fresh oil and the remaining vegetables. Season and cook briefly, ~3-5 minutes, until vegetables are tender and vibrant in color. Remove and set aside. Drain additional oil and melt 3 tablespoons butter in the same pan. Add ~1 cup (or more…) white wine, scraping up any browned bits from vegetables. Simmer until slightly reduced, about 3 minutes.

Finishing touches…

Cook raschiatelli in well-salted water. Add all vegetables back to the pan with sauce and toss to combine, adjusting seasoning to taste. Transfer pasta directly from pot to pan and coat in sauce and vegetables. Serve immediately, topped with herbs of choice (I used mint and basil). Bon appetit!

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